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MTF 45

MTF 45 is a circuit style class, with a mix of toning and high intensity exercises. We change these week by week, keeping you on your toes. This class is perfect for all levels of fitness, with many adaptions for each exercise in place, to increase or decrease the difficulty, to facilitate all levels!


Get ready to unleash your inner warrior at MTF Galway! Introducing our high-intensity Boxercise classes that will take your fitness journey to a whole new level.

Experience the perfect fusion of boxing techniques and heart-pumping exercises that will boost your stamina, improve coordination, and sculpt your entire body. Get ready to throw punches, bob and weave, and unleash your inner fighter while torching calories and building lean muscle.


spin 20 mins

spin 20 mins

Want a mix of cardio crush and weight training? Look no further, 2023 is perfect for you!

In our first 20 minutes, we will push us to the limits through a range of spinning techniques.  Don't worry though, we will have top pop songs carrying us through our trip.

circuit 23 minutes

circuit 23 minutes

You are off the bike, legs are gone jelly, but don't worry! We will take a quick rest before we hop into our full body circuit set up. Then we will change up the session, giving our cardiovascular endurance a rest and switching to focus on our muscular endurance!

Strength and Conditioning semi- private personal training

In our Semi-Private Personal Training sessions, you will train with a small group of motivated individuals, who share similar goals. This allows for camaraderie, support, and an extra boost of motivation as you push each other to reach new heights. Plus you'll benefit from the expertise and guidance of your trainer, who will provide personalised feedback and adjustments to ensure proper form and technique.


Spin and Core



Really looking to shred those stubborn pounds and get beach body ready? Look no further with spin and core, where we focus on toning up by burning those calories!

30 minutes of spin really testing our fitness? Don't worry twe will be fueled by our disco lights and top songs!



30 minutes of spinning finished! You are nearly there! 10 minutes of a range of core exercises and we have a completed a kick ass workout! 

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