MTF galway

Step 1: Introduction

You have taken that first step to self improvement, placing your trust in us to help you reach your fitness goals. This is a big commitment and that is why at MTF galway we offer a free consultation call to discuss in detail how we will achieve these goals!! This will have us ready to hit the ground running in our first PT session.

Step 2: Building the foundation

You have taken the first step showing us your commitment to make that change, now its our turn!  The team here at MTF galway will build your personalised and goal specific training programme. 

Step 3: Time for action

The prep is done and we are all set !!

Your tailored personal training programme is ready for us to begin. In our first week of sessions, in our semi private gym, we will perfect your form, and teach you the fundamentals of training. Overtime we will build on these helping you to achieve your overall fitness goals. 

1 on 1 personal training payment options

  • 1-session 40 euros 
  • 5-sessions 180 euros
  • 10-sessions 340 euros

free membership throughout training!

All clients are provided with contact support 7 days a week, programme adaptions and monthly check-ups using our in house body fat and muscle mass scanner to track our amazing progress!

Any further questions, ask away?

We are here to answer any questions you have and help you reach your fitness goals.

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